Flow rate and allowable pressure lost

Each filter element is designed to handle a nominal flow rate. The allowed flow rate depends on fluid viscosity, degree of
filtration, and the amount of pressure that is lost. Indirectly, the required element lifetime is an important parameter. A larger sized element with a more effective filter element area has a positive influence on the element lifetime.

Filter elements are chosen based on their initial clean element pressure drop. It is preferred to apply a ratio of at least three between element bypass settings and element initial pressure drops.

Comparing filter elements with different filter media based on the initial clean element pressure drop does not give a reliable indication of the element dirt holding capacity. In this example the filter media A has a higher initial pressure drop. However, during its lifetime the pressure lost is more constant compared to media B. This results in a longer element lifetime. The difference in performance is caused by a more effective distribution of captured particles in media A.